Why Should I Choose A Family Dentist?

Why Should I Choose A Family Dentist

Hopping from one dentist to other, searching and describing your medical history, gaining trust, and finding the best treatment at the best price is a hustle and grind that none of us want to have to go through more than once. Every person in our family varies in age and therefore has different diseases based on tooth age. A qualified family dentist is essential as they address every problem for each member of the family and avoids the hassle of trying to find a dentist for kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents all separately .

When we have a glance at the startling stats for the dentist, the results were shocking. A survey of ADA shows, 42% of Americans don’t visit the dentist as often as other doctors.

One of the astonishing stats of the CDC reveals one in every four adults have untreated tooth decay. Moreover, 42% of Americans between the age of 2 and 11 had dental caries in their primary teeth. This sheds light on the importance of the fact that we need family dentistry to reduce oral diseases. No doubt, oral health is as necessary as other concerned health fields, but we are not getting the attention necessary to get these diseases eliminated from our life. 

With little efforts, we come to know that a significant ratio of the population, particularly aged people are suffering from oral cancer. All these tooth caries problems, oral cancer risks, and defective infrastructure of oral health, highlight the fact that a family dentist is the easiest way for the baby boomer generation as well generations X, Y, and Z to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lives and maintain their oral health at an older age. 

Let’s have a brief overview of family dentistry and its importance.

What is a Family Dentist and What Do They Do?

There is no hard and fast rule for a general dentist to be your family dentist. Certain dentists specialize in specific areas like cosmetic dentistry or pediatric dentistry while a general dentist can handle a large array of oral health issues. Family dentists are of vital importance, especially if you have a growing child in your family. They focus on maintaining the oral health of children as their needs differ from older adults. If you become successful to keep your child’s teeth healthy at an early age, then they will likely get fewer diseases later in life. More often, a good foundation of oral health leads your child to be healthy systematically.

A family dentist can provide the following notable services:

  • Regular dental cleaning 
  • X-ray and examination
  • Gum diseases therapy
  • Identifying and filling
  • Fluoride therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Sealants

Family dentists play a leading role in determining the lifelong oral health of your children by building a strong bond and relationship with them. 

How You Should Choose the Right Family Dentist

ADA recommends that 28% of the population has never visited a dentist more than once in a year. Additionally, children are also reluctant to visit a dentist. So, you should select the right dentist that your child would love to visit and who will cater to your personal needs with complete satisfaction. With increasing gum diseases and tooth decay issues, family dentistry becomes a critical choice for you. Selecting the right family dentist allows you grandparents, parents, and their children to get the dental care you need for your family, without having to hunt for multiple dentists and coordinate different scheduling at differing practices.

The following questions might help you in your selection:

  • What is his/her education and credential background?
  • What type of services he/she offer?
  • Is he/she up to date on the latest technologies and dental procedures?
  • Does he/she have positive testimonials and feedback from current patients?
  • Do you trust his/her services, offers, and personality?
  • Does he/she accept your insurance?

Pay close attention to all the factors that would impact your selection of the best dentist for your family. Consider needs of every member from child to adult and senior. Children need a kind, welcoming dentist while the seniors need an experienced doctor to handle their issues. 

Why Is It Important to Have a Family Doctor?

You may wonder why a family dentist is necessary when a general dentist can offer all the same services. General dentists are a dime a dozen. Family dentists are often general dentists that feel comfortable treating children and seniors alike. When searching for a dentist, finding a family dentist will help you avoid the hassle of searching for a pediatric dentist, a denture or implant dentist, an endodontist, an orthodontist, and a general dentist. The needs of your whole family will be covered by one practitioner. Every time you have see a new dentist, you have to tell a them about your medical history, start over with new exams, and x-rays, and help them get to know your mouth and teeth, as well as your scheduling and billing concerns or preferences. Your family dentist helps avoid that tedious work of seeing so many new dentist specialties for different reasons and is aware and conscious of your entire family’s needs so he can better treat you. The following stats will shed light on the importance of family dentistry.

According to CDC,

Nearly half of the adults aged 30 or older shows signs of gum diseases, with 9% having severe gum diseases.

In the US, around 30,000 individuals receive diagnosis of oral cancer each year.

From 2015-2018, 13% of children aged 5-9 have untreated tooth caries.

According to ADA,

From 2011-2014, 18% of children aged 5-18 had untreated tooth caries.

22% of people don’t visit a dentist because they are afraid.

Another research shows that persons who have healthy gums are 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. This single study is enough to persuade us that we should have a family dentist to maintain our oral health. Your gums and teeth are responsible for the healthy digestive system and proper mental health. If you don’t want to have tooth decay or gum problems, or don’t want your child to be stressed or struggling with a digestive system issues,  it is paramount to have the services of family dentistry for you and your family.

More Reasons to Have a Family Dentist?

When it comes to dentistry, your choice is critical as it will judge how successfully your doctor can maintain your oral health. A family dentist will become part of your family and is responsible for your happy and healthy smiles throughout your life. Different organizations and authorities like CDC or ADA recommend having regular check-ups as they consider dentistry essential health care based on its ability to affect systemic health.

Now, getting to our main point: what are the key reasons that we should have a family dentist for our health and beautiful smiles. Some of the potential causes are described as:

One Dentist for All Dental Problems of the Whole Family

Running from one dentist to other and explaining your problem with medical history is seriously annoying and time-wasting, sometimes not fruitful. We all want the best solution with little effort and maximum results. Family dentistry covers all your dental issues from infancy to adulthood and from minor fixes to major surgeries. Your family dentist can solve oral health issues of all age groups and demographics as they are trained to offer services and care to all age groups. Overall, a family dentist can:

  • Offer treatment services with dental hygiene
  • Suitable for all age groups from child to old
  • Can offer cosmetic procedures like implants or veneers
  • Eliminates your travel time and stress
  • Simplify care and management of your entire household
  • Provides routine check-ups to ensure oral health

Having family dentistry saves your time and gives you valuable services in the field of oral health. It resolves the issue of having different dentists for various family members. You can get all the services with one professional hand.

It is Convenient to Schedule Your Checkups

Either your child has tooth decay or your parents need implants, a family dentist works in conjunction with your lifestyle fitting appointment time. They can adjust the appointment as you have a feasible time. More easily, you can book one sitting for all your family members-saving your time and efforts. The way they work is needed in this busy life for everyone. In a nutshell, by understanding every facet of your life, family dentists make sure you do not miss any of your single appointment.

Understands and Provides Optimum Health

Family dentistry specializes in the field of providing care and management to all age groups. Oral health is of major concern for the parents as disruptive tooth and gums become the cause of many diseases. A family dentist can better understand your issues because they have all your medical records in their office. This record is the key factor to recognize and identify what genetic problems can cause tooth or gum diseases in your child. The family dentist will treat these issues earlier to avoid the prevalence of major diseases. 

They can provide comprehensive oral care to:

  • Prevent serious oral issues like tooth decay
  • Add protection against sealant and fluoride to teeth
  • Prevent teeth from cavities and premature issues
  • Can provide therapies like gum disease therapy 
  • Provide treatment based on medical history

Hence, you will get every personal treatment from general to complex to maintain your oral health.

Offer Preventive Treatment to Reduce Possibility of Issues

Regular visits to the family dentist’s office provide you with worthy advice, treatment, and services. Oral health awareness is essential to make your children healthy from infancy. Your dentist will inform you about the latest technologies and procedures to keep your knowledge up-to-date and ensure your access to various techniques. 

Making long story short, a family dentist will aware you of the:

  • Latest technologies and instruments in dental care
  • Help you in toothpaste selection according to your teeth type
  • Give you diet plans for maintaining teeth’s health
  • Choose the right treatment for your problem

Preventive measures are necessary to address minor issues that later can be fatal and needs major treatments. Single tissue damage can lead to disorder in your complete organ system, for example. In the same way, a minor dental issue becomes the precursor for severe oral disease. 

So, how a family dentist can help you to get the solutions at an early age. Considering your health, the dentist will:

  • Perform regular diagnosis
  • Do computer modeling 
  • Examines X-rays

By performing the above procedures, doctors get an idea of developing issues in your mouth and treat them earlier. With early diagnosis and preventive treatment, some disorders are cured at the initial stages including:

  • Jaw abnormalities
  • Rubbing
  • Malocclusions

If you don’t want to miss the awareness and preventive treatment, get services of family dentistry. 

Family Dentistry Eliminates Dental Phobia

It’s not an exaggeration but a bitter reality that how dental phobia persists among the general population. Dentophobia or dental anxiety is the extreme fear of going to dentists associated with triggers like needles, drills, or dental sittings. More surprisingly, not only children but adults also suffer from dental phobia. 

  • A rough estimation shows that 3-16% of adults suffer from dentophobia and anxiety. 
  • ADA survey shows that 22% of adults are reluctant to visit a dentist’s office.

If humans are suddenly exposed to some uncommon conditions, they may react strangely. The same rule applies for oral and dental hygiene-seeking patients. With over 1 in 10 people who seldom visited a dentist, curing a dental problem would be of severe anxiety. Therefore, regular sitting to your family doctor can eliminate dental anxiety to undergo treatments. Moreover, it is of immense importance for the children to teach and train them for oral healthcare in their childhood. Research and studies show that early teaching of oral treatment in childhood eliminates dental issues and dental anxiety. Consistent visits to the family doctor reduce the chronic disease of tooth decay in childhood that affects 50% of first-grade students.

Provide Emergency Dental Care for Your Family

As we live in a life of uncertainties, anything can happen at any time, including accidents. It may result in damage to our teeth, such as cracks or breaks. Despite accidents, we can have a sudden disorder like inflamed gum or cavity. In all these scenarios, we need a dentist who is ready to treat us whenever we need. Family dentists are of the preliminary choice to get on-the-spot treatment with great trust and confidence in the matter of your child as well. You can get family dentistry services in an emergency either your child has a cracked tooth or you need immediate filling. 

You Can Get Access to a Wide Range of Dental Services

Having family dentistry services freed you from the stress and efforts of different problems by providing effective and reliable oral health treatments. You can get all the treatments under one roof for all family members. These dental services may be simple or complex such as:

  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile
  • Dental implants or dental fillings for more strength
  • Regular cleaning or orthodontics
  • Awareness and treatment for all family members
  • Different treatments from minor fixes to major surgeries

Final Thoughts

With the increasing stress on oral hygiene and dental services-family dentistry is occupying a vital position to deliver the on-time and reliable services. Every age group person needs complete oral health to maintain his smile and digestive system. Any disorder in the teeth functionality can cause various issues that family dentists can resolve. All the above-mentioned points highlight the importance of a family dentist to get treatment for your kids and parents equally. 

Earlier teaching of oral health and practice of dentist visit adds a lot to the removal of dental phobia and in turn leads to promote the good oral hygiene practice and health. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates that your child can miss 52 million hours of school each year because of cavities, toothaches, and other oral issues that need to be addressed earlier. So, having a family dentist will provide you every possible and emergency treatment for your all family members. 
















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