Accidents that damage your teeth can happen any time, day or night. It’s important to know teeth-related injuries constitutes a dental emergency and what events can wait for a visit to the dentist during regular office hours. At Layton Lakes Dental we offer same-day emergency appointments. Please call if you have a dental emergency. We do our best to see you in the office as quickly as possible.

Depending on how severe there cracked or chipped tooth is, it may be ok to wait until regular office hours to see your dentist. However, call Layton Lakes Dental to see if they can fit you in; some dentists keep some hours of each day open to deal with emergency situations.

If the tooth damage is severe — that is, your tooth is broken, a tooth or teeth is knocked out, or nerve damage occurs — then you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. If you suffer a toothache and the pain is dire enough that you cannot wait for a regular appointment, this qualifies as a dental emergency, too.

In many instances tooth damage – cracks, chips, and knocked out – occur among younger people, especially those involved in sports. Mouth guards should be used by anyone playing a sport that risks mouth/dental injury.

If the tooth is knocked out, handle it as little as possible. Try to insert the tooth back in the socket; biting down on moistened gauze may help. Be very careful not to swallow your tooth!

If the tooth won’t stay in the socket, rinse it off and put it in milk or your saliva until you can see a dentist. Apply a cold wet cloth to the socket to stop bleeding.

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